Accessibility policy

Accessibility statement regarding the theatre's website

This accessibility statement applies to the website The website is covered by the law on the provision of digital services and its requirement that public websites must be accessible.

The theatre’s web pages will be updated during the summer of 2021. Together with our web provider, we have reviewed how accessible our web page is. In the review, we have taken the help of various tools recommended by the regional administrative agency. The availability statement was updated on 10.6.2021 and will be updated next time on 25.10.2021.

How accessible is the website?

The website largely meets the accessibility requirements.
Further down the page, we list the features that are not yet available.

Did you discover a lack of accessibility in our digital service?

Describe it to us and we will do our best to fix it.

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Content or features not yet available

  • We have made the assessment that a large part of the website’s images function as decoration and not as information, these have no alt text. Deviations may occur.
  • In the presentation of the performances, there is a picture and a title that both serve as links. The links have the same goal which can be confusing for some.
  • The slideshow module has no alt text field. The slideshow module is mainly used for the mobile phone and the pictures in it as decoration. Deviations may occur.

The following material is not covered by the requirements of the legislation

  • Video or audio recordings that have been published before 30.6.2020
  • Some older videos lack subtitles and all videos lack visual interpretation.

Our partners

Our tickets are sold via Their availability statement can be found here.

The supervisory authority

Contact us if you want to draw our attention to shortcomings in the availability of our website. We promise to answer you within 14 days. If you are not satisfied with the answer you have received or do not receive an answer at all within two weeks, you can submit a report of lack of availability to the Regional State Administrative Agency in Southern Finland. The Regional State Administrative Agency’s website describes how you can submit a report and how the case is handled.

The supervisory authority’s contact details

The Regional State Administrative Agency in Southern Finland
The accessibility monitoring unit
Telephone number switchboard 0295 016 000